Filedrop: Easily Transfer Files Between Machines

As the name suggests, Filedrop is a simple program that allows you to drag and drop files from one computer to another.

Obviously, you will have to download Filedrop and install it onto the machines you’d like to use. Once both computers (or devices) are running the program and recognize each other via wifi, you can begin sending files between one and the other interchangeably. Filedrop’s unobtrusive window features the desktop backgrounds of the computers in use, adding a nice touch to the program.

The only limitation within the application is that file transfers larger than 4-5GB between computers is not yet supported. Various attempts at sending large ZIP or RAR folders rendered only portions of the files up to 1-2GB. Smaller files, of course, send quickly and fully, with little issue. Another perk is the ability to also transfer clipboard contents between computers and devices.

While the app only works via wifi for now, the Filedrop team is actively working to support Bluetooth, along with some other features such as showing PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, and Word and Excel documents.

Though Filedrop is free for Mac and Windows, its mobile (iPhone/iPad) counterpart sells for $0.99 on the Mac App Store. An Android version is still in development.

Download Filedrop from the official site, here.
Alternative program: Share Mouse.


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