Meteo: Weather for Your Menu

Meteo (short for ‘Meteorologist’) is a small but impressive weather application for OS X that sits primly in your menu bar.  As a person who finds it far easier to take a quick glance up than tune into a weather station, Meteo provides detailed information ranging from: temperature (both in Celsius and Fahrenheit), wind strength and direction, barometer, even weather alerts for your area like flash flooding. Multiple locations are supported, as well, along with a detailed satellite map of said areas.

There are few cons, namely slow updating with temperature and weather (which can be adjusted to a certain degree within the settings), and of course, if you have many menu bar applications already running, as it does not have a dedicated dock icon. The menu bar icon also looks out of place, but again, the images and even font can be edited within the settings. There may be a limit to how many locations can be added, as I’ve only tested two. Also, Meteo itself was last updated in December 2012, so it runs the risk of becoming outdated or abandoned.

Nevertheless, the pros vastly outweigh the cons for those who want a simple yet powerful weather application that does not take up too much space on the desktop.

Meteo is for Intel-based Macs only and can be found here.


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