Snip snip: Jumpcut vs ClipMenu

Have you ever wanted to go back into your clipboard history and pick out what you’ve copied and pasted beforehand, without having to re-copy and paste all over again? If so, there are two excellent programs for you to try out: Jumpcut and ClipMenu. These programs allow you to see your clipboard history with no trouble. They do, however, have their differences.

Jumpcut is ideal for older machines. Its main purpose is to show clipboard history. Almost anything that is copied appears within Jumpcut’s interface, though there are a few exceptions such as copied images. Preference options are meager but workable, really only allowing changes to hotkeys and icon opacity. Jumpcut remembers between 10 and 99 clips, and can display the same range.

ClipMenu, on the other hand, is a more modern piece of software that gives you added extensibility. You can preview copied images, adjust the amount of folders, manage snippets, and create automated tasks. You can also save and export your clipboard history into a single file or multiple files. Other useful options include adjusting the preview time interval and excluding applications.

Both programs have a “clear all” function, along with a small but varied list of menu bar icons to choose from. Both also have not seen a major release in quite some time; nevertheless, they continue to work without fail. They are also Universal binaries, and can be used on Intel and PowerPC Macs.

When it comes down to it, both Jumpcut and ClipMenu do their intended jobs and do it marvelously. It all depends on what you personally prefer. If a simple clipboard manager is your thing, or if you are on older hardware, give Jumpcut a try. For those who wish to have more control, ClipMenu is definitely for you.

Jumpcut can be found here, while ClipMenu can be found here.


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