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ItsyCal: The Cutest Calendar App

With a minimalist yet endearingly friendly icon, ItsyCal is a simple, no-frills calendar application for your Mac menu bar.

It does what it says on the tin, too. Taking up practically zero space, it launches quietly but reliably. Upon clicking the menu bar icon, you’re presented with a view of the current month and day highlighted.


Along the bottom are four buttons (from left to right): schedule new event, pin to desktop, open iCal/Calendar, and the options cog. From the options, you can easily show week numbers (with a “W” hotkey), highlight weekends, and set the first day of the week.

Nestled also within the options are Itsy’s preferences. Here¬†you can configure ItsyCal to show the month or day (or neither), launch at login, sync with your pre-existing iCal/Calendar lists and show event lists up to 7 days.

And even if you don’t use all the bells and whistles, it can still serve as a convenient at-a-glance¬†date checker. What’s not to love?

ItsyCal is only available for Mac.